The EyeDetect Lie Detection test is very accurate on specific-issue allegations.  It has a average of 90% accuracy on specific-issue tests and a 86% accuracy on multiple-issue tests. If you combine EyeDetect and another screening method like Polygraph, the outcomes confidence in both tests being correct is 99% when the client passes both tests or fails both tests.  Give us a call to inquire further if this testing is appropriate for your matter. Call 601-606-1736

Lie Detection

First nonintrusive lie detection technology that accurately detects deception in 30 minutes by analyzing eye behavior.  Scientific lab and field studies and peer-reviewed journal articles show EyeDetect has a mean accuracy of 86-90 percent.  Never before have you had a lie detection method with such a high accuracy as you do when you combine both tests.  When used in conjunction with polygraph , and when both tests have the same result, the "confidence outcome" increases substantially  (99%).

5 steps of an EyeDetect Test

1) The person being tested sits in front of an EyeDetect Station, which is a computer equipped with an high-definition, infrared eye-tracker camera.  The eye tracker is calibrated to monitor involuntary eye behavior.

2) The person answers a series of true/false questions for 30 minutes.

3) The question responses, along with pupil changes and other eye behavior, are measured and stored in a secure, encrypted device.

4) At the conclusion of the test, the eye measurements and test responses are uploaded to a secure cloud server where it is analyzed by proprietary algorithms.

5) A detailed report is generated within 5 minutes, and a Converus Credibility Index Score indicates whether the person is credible or deceptive to the questions asked.


Clayton Polygraph Services, LLC is in the business of providing answers to some very serious situations.  Our credibility team of skilled polygraph examiners and EyeDetect Proctors are ready to assist you in what ever arena you might have a need to evaluate someone's credibility.  Don't hesitate to give us a call at 601-606-1736.
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