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David J. Clayton is a Licensed Mississippi Polygraph examiner and former Hattiesburg Police Detective with approximately 22 years investigative experience.  Mr. Clayton formed Clayton Polygraph Services in 2005.  Mr. Clayton is a graduate of Texas Department of Public Safety Law Enforcement Polygraph School located in Austin, Texas.  Mr. Clayton is a court certified Expert in Police Investigations.  Mr. Clayton graduated Texas DPS Polygraph School in 2003 and has conducted polygraph related investigations related to violations of Mississippi State Criminal Statute and Federal law.  Mr. Clayton is a graduate of William Carey University.  He holds a Bachelors of Science in Psychology degree.  Mr. Clayton started his Law Enforcement career in 1997 by attending the Hattiesburg Police Academy. He served approximately 15 years for Hattiesburg Police Department.  Mr. Clayton was qualified as an Expert in Louisiana in Police Investigative Techniques in 2013. He is a member of the Mississippi Association of Polygraph Examiners,  American Polygraph Association, and American Association of Police Polygraphists.  Mr. Clayton is an approved Polygraph Examiner for Professional Health Programs in both Mississippi and Louisiana.  Serving Hattiesburg area,  Gulf-Coast area to include Gulfport, Biloxi, Diberville, Ocean Springs, Long Beach.  The Jackson metro area, Brandon, Madison, Flowood, Ridgeland, Richland, Clinton. Any other areas in Mississippi. Clayton Polygraph Services is pleased to welcome Wendy Clayton to our firm as a certified polygraph examiner as of December of 2019.  Wendy brings a unique perspective to our firm as she is from the medical field as a licensed Occupational Therapist.  She is our only bilingual examiner speaking Spanish also.  She will be able to assist in any investigative matter that arises. She also brings the needed diversity to our firm.  For the individuals that requested to be tested by a female examiner, I am pleased to be able to offer that service.  Give us the opportunity to assist you in your delicate investigative matter!  As always, your investigative matter is confidential. Give us a call at 601.606.1736.

Clinical Polygraph

It is important to point out that every person that has affair behaviors are not necessarily sex addicts.  They could be just exactly what the partner thinks, "A Cheater".  Specialized treatment centers with appropriate trained therapists must make that diagnosis.  If your marriage or relationship is important to you, don't hesitate to bring closure to an allegation that is disrupting your peace of mind.  Don't think asking my partner to take a polygraph is out of the question, each year, thousands of individuals nationwide do just that. Mr. Clayton specializes in conducted polygraph tests regarding allegations of infidelity.  If you have fractured trust in your relationship it is virtually impossible to move forward without some validation of truthfulness.  I have been working with local Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and licensed Professional Counselors since 2005 helping to resolve issues that are highly confidential and sometimes embarrassing.  These types of tests should be conducted with the appropriate professional counselors working in collaboration to ascertain the Truth.

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Relationship Testing

Please contact me so I can test & schedule your counseling session.  Lie Detection or Truth Verification tests need to be reviewed with a therapist for best results concerning your relationship. Extensive experience in assisting individuals get to the ground truth concerning allegations of infidelity. Don't let a false allegation cause friction in your relationship.  Clayton Polygraph Services specializes in relationship testing. Over seventeen years experience in this type of specialized testing. Although I do these type test for private citizens, I always recommend that a couple have a relationship therapist involved in working through the outcomes of the polygraph test.

EyeDetect Lie Detection

Exclusive to Clayton Polygraph Services.  We now offer two types of Lie Detection Services.  Polygraph and also EyeDetect.  It’s an accurate, cost-effective, efficient, secure and nonintrusive method that detects deception in 30 minutes by analyzing eye behavior. The same scientists credited with computerizing the polygraph in 1991 developed EyeDetect

Polygraph Theory

The Polygraph is based on theory that when telling a lie, an examinee will respond physiologically because of fear of detection.  Many investigators are under the misconception that a person responds on the polygraph out of a feeling of guilt for having committed the offense, or possibly for moral reasons because of upbringing or social background.  This misunderstanding has led some people to believe that hardened criminals, sociopaths, psychopathic liars, etc. can pass the polygraph because of their background of deviant personality.  Fear of detection is is what causes the psychological changes the polygraph instrument records and the examiner interprets. EyeDetect Video:

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